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This afternoon at the hairdressers I just saw Mr. Ambassador passing buy.. in Borsbeek..

Nobody got a clue about who it was...

They where gessing about the security and the car.. CD nr plates..

I saw his face and just said that's Mr. Gutman... the Ambassador that wanted to meet all Belgiums...

They looked me strange in the face and I explainend that this whas one of his promisses when he was appointed ambassador here in Belgium.


I don't know really how far that promise reached.

Just an anekdote..


Werner Vols




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Comment by Werner Vols on February 17, 2012 at 5:19pm


Mr. Ambassador. I would love to tell you about the place that I work.. RTC-Antwerp a regional technilogical center here in Antwerp. My colleaguess would love to explain what RTC stand's for in greater Antwerp.

I would love even to translate the whole company and it's goals for the future being 2015. We have expanded from 4 to 9 people now that keep the business going.. a connection between high school students 8-9 yeer I think in the Us and the Industry. being it the hard industry or the soft industry meaning Auto- Mechanics -pipe fitting- Harbor- chemistry- building-woodwork etc.. and the soft sector being personal care, Body treatment, beauty parlor's -age simulators- new cooking technicks- healtcare.. you name it we take care of those students..

Hoping to meet you at the office..

Kind regards

Werner Vols

a link between industry and school every where in Belgium..


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