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John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the American Dream" Tour & Taxis - November 28, 2009 to March 28, 2010

The exhibition "John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the American Dream" will be held at Tour & Taxis in Brussels from November 28, 2009 to March 28, 2010 with the presentation other than 150 photographs with captions, audio visual, replica of the dress Jackie married and one of the dresses of the presidential campaign of JFK ... This exhibition has been successfully submitted to Unesco, Monaco in France, Morocco ...

Open: Tuesday to Sunday 14 hours at 18 hours, selling tickets on site or rates: 9 euros for adults - € 7 for seniors and groups over 15 persons - 4 euros ( ages 6 to 18 years) - 3 euros for teachers with school-free for children under 6 years.

On site gift shop is available to visitors: "Generations Kennedy" 10 euros, "Jackie and the Kennedy years" 18 euros "and Jackie Kennedy of America" 19 euros, "JFK's dream of America "-book album of the exhibition 24 euros Plates JFK Faiencerie Gien the 15 euro-gift box with" JFK unfinished dream "13-euro" Robert Kennedy broke the momentum "13 euro-Photograhies for sale 10 euro / 200 euros.


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Comment by Werner Vols on February 18, 2012 at 5:02pm



In 1983 I had the privilage to be a coworker of the exhibition 20 years after Dallas. This whas in Bruges with Mr. Eddy Neyts. I had the privilege to meet Kathleen Kennedy and here husband Mr. L David Townsend.

I also met the then director of the JFK Library Mr. Dann Finn.

Whe had a great time in Bruges, Kathleen whas pregnant of here child??  nr.....

This whas for me a time never to forget.

I have many pictures from then..

And a book that whas relaesed..

Thanks Kahleen and David.

Although I did not make to the next Olympic for the disabled I kept on going with my life..

Never to be forgotten.


Kind regards

Werner Vols


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